Flawless Face Mask

$ 26.00
Flawless Face Mask
10 minutes to a regenerated, detoxified, purified face.

This mask purifies, nourishes, and regulates the skin.  Kaolin clay mineralizes dry patches, while slowing oil production and drawing out toxins.  Cocoa powder provides antioxidants and the chocolatey scent has been proven to positively influence the mood.  When mixed with green tea, redness is reduced as an effect of the highly caffeinated tea.

Estimate number of uses: 

Directions: Mix 1 TBSP mask with 1 tsp green tea. (Pro tip: Use tea bag on eyes).  Leave on skin for 10 minutes.  Rinse. 


  • Kaolin Clay: Enhances blood circulation, as well as flushes wastes and toxins.  Replaces moisture in dry skin, but reduces production of oil in overly oily skin.
  • Cocoa Powder: High in antioxidants that are used for nourishing, moisturizing and improving overall skin condition.  Lifts emotional moods.
  • Green Tea: Caffeine reduces redness and speeds up cell regeneration.

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